Becoming A Travel Photographer? You’ll Need This Equipment

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Though many people have thought about becoming a travel photographer, few people know what’s actually involved. Some might assume that all you need is a camera and a good eye. While you will need these, they’re far from all you’ll need.

There are multiple skills you’ll need to develop, alongside quite a large amount of equipment. While some of these can be bought as you go, others will be needed from the get-go. Your camera will be the most obvious one! Beyond that, you’ll need to pick up a few other things and you’ll need to make sure these are as lightweight as possible to get around.

Equipment All Travel Photographers Need

Travel Camera Backpack

Travel photography will naturally need a lot of travelling. With all of the equipment you’ll need, having the right backpack will be essential. It needs to be big enough to fit in all of your equipment in and be durable enough to carry it. Typically, travel photography bags are divided into different sections for each piece of equipment, which makes taking it out and putting it away very easy. There are plenty of travel photography bags to choose from, so it’s all about shopping around and finding the right fit for you. 


Most people will know that they’ll need lenses for their cameras. There are so many different lenses to choose from, some basic and some almost futuristic! Each has its pros and cons; after all, there’s a significant difference between a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens. Thankfully, lenses are relatively affordable for newbie travel photographers.


As a travel photographer, it’s only right you’ll be travelling a lot and to do that, you’ll need something to get you from A to B and everywhere inbetween! The bus, train, or walking may not be options for you with the amount of equipment you’ll need to bring.

So, your own car may be the most reliable option. Picking up a low-cost vehicle is recommended when you can, as you’ll save much more on travel expenses.

Wrapping Up

There’s a lot more involved in becoming a travel photographer, but getting your camera sorted and transportation should be your first priority. The rest of it can wait and as you become more evolved as a travel photographer, the equipment you need will change. But practice makes perfect, so get going!




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