5 unique ways to see London


High on the list of best cities to visit, London is a bustling hub of multi-cultural cuisine, varied nightlife and old English history. Strangely enough, I haven’t always been a fan. It used to be too hectic for me (if that’s you, go here instead!), but over the years it’s quirkiness has won me over and there are more and more unique ways to see London.

Yes, something ridiculous like 18 million tourists flock each year to wave to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, hear the chimes of Big Ben or ride the London Eye. But London has so much more on offer beyond the typical tourist attractions.

Here are 5 unique ways to see London…

1. Visit a secret bar

With so many different boroughs to visit and new ideas popping up every month, you’re never far from something new waiting to be discovered in London. Traditional English pubs are still hugely popular but there’s a new player in town – the speakeasy. These secret underground bars are channelling the 1920s prohibition and make grabbing a cocktail or two much more fun (trying to find them in each city I visit is now my new hobby!) Look down London’s alleys, check unused toilets, or walk through a fridge door to find secret bars (like The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town). No, I’m not kidding.

unique ways to see London

2. Tour London from the River Thames

Hop onboard a ‘duck’ for a tour like no other! These ‘amphibious vehicles’ mean you can see the sights of London from the roads before the car transforms into a boat and launches into the River Thames for a river tour too. Now if that’s not a unique way to see London, I don’t know what is.

3. Find the best souvenirs at the markets

A weekend in London is not the same without a rummage around some of its best markets. Head to Portobello Road to find antiques and paintings, Brick Lane for vintage clothes and shoes, or eat your way through Borough Market.

4. Step back in time with Shakespeare

Surely there’s nothing more quintessentially English than visiting William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, well, a replica! Some of London’s best actors take to the stage to perform Shakespeare’s best and lesser-known plays. Sit in the stalls for a view fit for the Queen or experience Old English in style from the pit of the theatre and take a trip back to the Elizabethan era.
unique ways to see London

5. Treasure hunt around the city

Want to see the city from a different view? One of the more unique ways to see London is to grab some friends or join other tourists and locals and take part in a treasure hunt. Race the streets in and around London’s best buildings and sculptures to find and solve clues and for an experience like no other.

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