10 Photos To Make You Want To Visit Canada

Takkakaw Falls, Canada

It’s no secret that I love Canada. I lived there for two years and it holds a very special place in my heart. In fact, I loved it so much, it’s now my favourite country in the world and I plan on making the move there permanently in the near future.

So what’s so great about it, I hear you ask. Well, instead of babbling on about Canada and its amazing turquoise lakes, incredible scenic drives and enchanting wildlife, I’m going to let the amazing photos of my partner-in-crime, Travel Photographer Rowan Sims, do the talking…

  1. Majestic Mountains

    Hwy99, BC, Canada
    Highway 99, BC

  2. Views for days

    Meadows In The Sky, Canada
    Meadows In The Sky, Revelstoke, BC

  3. That’s real?

    Takakkaw Falls, Canada
    Takakkaw Falls, Yoho National Park, BC

  4. Happy hiking

    Six Glaciers Hike, Canada
    Plain of the Six Glaciers Hike, Banff National Park, AB

  5. Un-bear-lievable

    Canada Rockies
    Lake Louise, AB

  6. Island escapes

    Sunshine Coast, BC

  7. #NoFilter

    Revelstoke, Canada
    Sunset in Revelstoke, BC

  8. Pow, pow, pow

    Hwy 99, Canada
    Highway 99, BC

  9. Glacier-fed Lakes

    Garibaldi Lake, Canada
    Garibaldi Lake, BC

  10. Blue hues

    Lake Louise, AB
    Lake Louise, AB

Have these photos got your wanderlust bubbling?


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