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Hilltops & Flipflops Rachael Doyle

Hey guys!

I’m Rachael, a 20-something Brit and the founder of Hilltops & Flipflops.

Why do I travel?
Like many people around the world, travelling has always been a part of me and week-long holidays every summer were never enough to satiate my urge to explore. I spent my days in my 9-5 job as a Journalist daydreaming of snow-capped peaks and faraway islands, only to snap back to reality and realise the job – my first out of University – just wasn’t cutting the mustard! So after three years of making every excuse under the sun on why I couldn’t travel, I sold all of my belongings and jumped on a plane to Canada.

Read about my Ski Season working as a Lift Operator here.

When & where did the blog start?
Hilltops & Flipflops was created when that journey began back in 2015. I initially started it to record my travel tales from my new adventure on a Working Holiday Visa across the Atlantic and with the hope of helping fellow travellers give in to wanderlust.

What now?
Life as a temporary expat has been exciting to say the least, and I’ve found a country I feel was made for me, with all it has to offer from hiking and incredible nature to snowboarding and island escapes (hence the blog name!) I’ve fallen in love with Canada so much that I’ve come to realize I could easily see myself settling there one day to call it home.

Click here to see some incredible photos of my time in Canada

From there I hopped over to Australia, then New Zealand and back to the UK to live in London – something I didn’t really see myself doing. So stay tuned and follow along for insightful travel tips, news, and reviews on what it’s like to work and live abroad.

I hope to help inspire my fellow 9-5ers to take the leap of faith and start living.

 – R

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

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