5 Top Tips For Staying Safe While Abroad

tips for staying safe while abroad

As travel restrictions begin to ease once again after the crazy year-and-a-bit we’ve all gone through, many of us have our sights set on the horizon. Travel offers an escape from the life of confinement we’ve experienced, so it feels only natural that people are grabbing the first ticket available and jetting off to explore new corners of the world. After all, you don’t appreciate the opportunity to make these new memories until it’s been taken away from you!

But with this renewed vigour to snap up every and any chance to wander also comes a need to refresh the basics regarding international travel- especially if you’re out of practice (or even going for the first time ever). 

New places are exciting, but immersing yourself in new environments also opens the door to a lot of risks. If you don’t speak the language, don’t understand local laws, and don’t stay alert, you might find yourself in a situation that spells disaster. So here are 5 top tips for staying safe while abroad. 

  1. Avoid walking alone at night

    This point should ideally still stand even when you’re not travelling- travelling by foot at night can invite a lot of unsavoury attention. Try to stick to travelling in larger groups and, if that’s not possible, consider calling up a reputable provider of taxis.

  2. Stay in touch with your friends and family

    Whether you’re travelling alone or not, it’s vital to stay in touch with the loved ones waiting for you back home. Not only will they enjoy hearing from you (and vice versa!) but they’ll be able to notice quickly if something’s gone awry from your lack of communication. This is especially true if you’ve kept them updated with your trip’s itinerary- where you’re planning to sleep, etc.

  3. Learn the language- at least a little bit

    This one requires a little bit of foresight, but it’ll do wonders for your experience as a whole. If you’ve got the time, pick up a few language-learning resources relevant to your destination of choice and do some studying. Not only will this allow you to chat with locals and improve your overall experience, but it will give you the tools you need to communicate in a pinch.

    If you don’t have time to memorise some local lingo, equip yourself with a phrasebook. It won’t be as smooth a conversation, but it will help you communicate better should you need to.

We don’t ever want to believe that the worst will come, but sometimes reality isn’t that perfect. I know, shocker! By making sure you’ve taken the necessary precautions, you’ll be able to minimise the impact of these hazards. Travelling is a fantastic experience that truly benefits everyone- it can’t be recommended enough. By doing what you can to keep yourself safe in the process, you’ll give yourself the best chance to have these once-in-a-lifetime experiences without the stresses of safety! So the next time you’re planning a trip, make sure to follow these top tips for staying safe while abroad. 


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