Visit Borneo: A Three-Way Split Island Of Paradise

visit Borneo

So you want to visit Borneo? Here’s what you need to add to your itinerary…

Borneo isn’t your average tropical island. The third-largest in Asia, it’s split between three nations: Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia. One of the reasons why Borneo is so popular is because it’s so diverse and accessible. Get there by ship, plane, or by boat services run by the local residents.

Visit Borneo: Danum Valley

So what’s the first thing you should do when you visit Borneo?

Once there, head out on foot to see the best this paradise island has to offer. It’s a hiker’s dream thanks to its infrastructure in the forests. You’ll find footbridges and charted paths calling your name and trails galore, especially in the Danum Valley conservation area. Filled to the brim with bright green foliage, trees that are hundreds of years old and the sheer bliss of the sounds of exotic wildlife including malkohas, hornbills and philentomas. 

Danum Valley is easily accessible for tourists thanks to organised walks through the area and with around 438 square kilometres to explore, there’s plenty to enjoy. It is recommended that you go with a local guide, though, as there are leopards that hunt in the conservation area. And nobody wants to risk coming across a leopard on the hunt, right?! 


visit Borneo


You and your squad

Want to tackle the island on foot during your visit to Borneo? Organise your own walk with this charity walk service, a professional hiker, walkers and camping company that can set you and your whole squad up with local guides. They’ll also give you information on the types of walks available. Some walks will be up mountain paths, others through jungles and some follow the coast. So, it’s really up to you to pick what best suits your group. Of course, it’s a charity walk so you can market your walk and gain investment for the charity of your choice – all while you have fun with your friends in paradise. 

Ancient lifestyles

If you’re going to visit Borneo and want to understand the land, its culture and its people, make sure you visit Kampung Budaya Sarawak. It’s a hidden gem, showcasing straw huts and wooden homes of the people who live as their ancestors did in ancient times. 

This cultural village tour is open to everyone who wants to learn about the lifestyles of people who have mastered living in jungles. They’ll show you what they eat, how they gather their food, the family and community relationships, as well as how they make their structures which are on stilts – all introduced with traditional dances and ceremonial clothes. 

visit Borneo

Borneo is the ideal mix between comfortable leisure and mysterious paradise, what are you waiting for? Book that flight, organise that walk with a local guide and let this southeast Asian island pull you in. 


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