How To Spend 5 Hours In Salzburg, Austria


Note: This is a guest post on Salzburg by Pauline from Girraffe View, a travel, photography and lifestyle blog. All words and photos are her own.

Salzburg is easily one of the most charming, entrancing cities in Europe. It sits at the edge of Austria, and while it closely borders Germany, it presents many of its own unique cultural and traditional attractions. The city is widely known for its gorgeous views of the Alps, the charming Mirabell Palace and Gardens, famous filming locations from the beloved Sound of Music, and many more one-of-a-kind sightseeing attractions. Long story short, Salzburg is a city that needs to be at the top of your bucket list.

A great way to incorporate Salzburg into a larger itinerary is to day-trip from Munich, Germany. Travelling on a time crunch definitely puts limits on the number of cities you have time to see – I know the struggle! But, I’ve found that day-trips are the best way to get to as many places as possible and still enjoy your time in each one. So, the real trick is to find a way to manage each must-see in Salzburg without even bothering to stay in a hotel.

How to get there:

While staying in Munich I took a train to Salzburg to spend the day in Austria. The whole train ride was about 1.5 hours, but it was very relaxing to just take a break from all the crazy travelling and look out the window to the endless, bright green hills as we crossed into Austria. You can even spot plenty of edelweiss flowers along the way!

Keep in mind that it can sometimes be difficult to find train tickets last minute because the station gets quite crowded at night. We’ve definitely experienced the hectic, jam-packed train station scenario far too many times. So, make sure to book tickets to Munich (or the city you are staying at) ahead of time to avoid any tricky situations.

Let the sightseeing begin…

Mozart’s Birthplace

Visiting the museum of Mozart’s birthplace was incredible – you get to see his first instruments and take a short tour through the house that he lived in for many years. The museum and tour are informative and relaxed enough for anyone to enjoy, even if you don’t know much about Mozart. Admission can be a bit pricey, but I would say it’s definitely worth it. Afterwards, spend some time perusing the many shops and cafes in the area. 

Hohensalzburg FortressSalzburg

Hohensalzburg Fortress lies at the very top of the city, and is definitely hard to miss while you’re walking through the streets. The entire city has a beautiful view of the fortress but you get an even more striking view of the city from the Fortress itself, looking out onto the mountains. The Fortress often holds musical performances in the outdoor area. Get there by foot, or by the fortress funicular, which is a great alternative.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens




This one is for all the The Sound of Music lovers! Many iconic scenes from the movie were filmed at Mirabell Palace and Gardens, which is not surprising because it’s beyond gorgeous. It’s free and open to the public, and you can spend as long as you want wandering around the colorful gardens.
There are also many tours that go through each filming location from the movie, but this would most likely take up the whole day. However, I do recommend you set aside a large chunk of your time for this the palace and gardens.


Bridge of Locks


The ‘Bridge of Locks’ connects the historic part of the city and the Mirabell Palace and Gardens. It’s a great place to relax and watch the city go by. When you’re from California, a view like this is not something you see very often! I really learned how to appreciate small things like this while traveling.


It’s also crazy to think about how many people have been in that same exact spot (and how heavy the bridge must be…) If you’re traveling with a significant other, I suggest keeping this location on your radar!

Exploring Salzburg


Salzburg was unquestionably one of the less crowded cities I visited in Europe. Obviously, the narrow streets filled with clothing stores and restaurants were considerably packed, but there were also many wide, open squares filled with a few souvenir shops and gelato stands (my absolute favorite!)

Don’t leave Salzburg without…

Salzburg had a lot of great souvenir shops with a plenty of options for cute knick-knacks and gifts to take home. There was also a year-round Christmas store with gorgeous stationery and ornaments. So remember to take advantage of the quaint Austrian city for some gorgeous photos and one-of-a-kind memories.

Have you been to Salzburg? Would you recommend anything else?






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